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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - Wilka Claro - Wilka Claro - Get Up Song and Wilka Claro - Push Me Away (RR Machete Mix) is on Rotation now. Search the playlist under "W" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio WHAT at

Wilka Claro better known as “Pinky” was born in Yonkers, New York on December 9th, 1968 Mother” Ramona Claro” and father “Abel Claro” were born in Cuba and migrated to the US in 1966. In 1995 Wilka decided to move along with her two children to Florida to start a new life.

Soon after moving to Florida Wilka started to look into acting and started to go to auditions after auditions. This landed her a part as an extra in the move “Never Back
“WILKA CLARO” Down” with “Djimon Hounsou” from “Blood Diamond” and” Sean Ferris.” A role that would inspire Wilka to continue her long life dream of becoming an actress. Wilka was also an extra in the movie "Recount" as a
protester. The movie was inspired by the Florida 2000 elections. She also starred in the Mexican movie "Tranquila Mi Amor". A role that would give Wilka credit on After that role Wilka decided to try

“Improve” and joined a troupe of “Murder Mystery Dinner Theater” which landed her a role as a waitress who was the actual murder.
Today, Wilka has taken another role in her life that she also longed for many years and that is to sing. Recording her first single “PUSH ME AWAY” and just recently recorded her second song “GET UP AND DANCE”.

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