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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - TNT MUSIC UNLIMITED - Chris Trower vocals, lead singer. songwriter, producer, sound engineer Jim Turner rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, back up vocals songwriter TNT music unlimited; Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz. we have composed book trailers to radio promos and jingles. Search the playlist under "T" for "TNT Music Unlimited - Driven (Road To Stage)", "TNT Music Unlimited - Living On The Edge (If Only In My Mind)" and "TNT Music Unlimited - Till I'm Through Loving You"and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio WHAT at
TNT MUSIC UNLIMITED Chris Trower grew up in Louisiana and while in high school performed through out Louisiana.
Joining the military served eight years in the Army.He performed shows in
Germany,and Korea. Returning to civilian life,in Conway Arkansas .Working a full time job he,
would play venues at fairs and rodeos. In 2006 he was recording for a indi lable
in 2007 three songs from completing cd the record co. tanked.In 2007 after
leaving record company,Trower started stepping up his live performances
playing in Louisiana, Arkansas and Branson Mo.
In 2008 he met Jim Turner at a opry house performing,they struck up a friendship
and started a songwriting company called TNT music unlimited.
Jim Turner grew up in Arkansas started playing guitar at a young age,by the time he was in his teens he started
playing all over Arkansas.Then he toured all over the USA with different bands. His music diversity help
him become a studio musician, in Nashville Tn. and Memphis Tn.. He returned to Arkansas and studied
music,he would teach guitar and have a successful music career.Jim is a master with the guitar and bass
with styles ranging from Rock to country and parts in between.Jim is know for his ability to play and chart
songs for the bands he plays with, his ability to jump in on short notice and play any style has earned him
a great reputation in the music industry. In 2008 he met Chris Trower at a opry house were they was performing
they struck up a friendship and started TNT music unlimited. When Jim is not out on gigs, he is teaching guitar
at Guitar Center in Little Rock Arkansas.
TNT music unlimited is a song writing team of Chris Trower and Jim Turner ,writing skilles include Rock,Blues,Southern Rock, Country and Jazz.
They are currently working on other projects as jingles, and composing back ground music for ebooks.
We are currently offering recording services for the artist or songwriter . We offer 48 track recording as well
as studio time, guitar and bass availability and video services.
You can contact us at



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