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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - Sarah Atereth - How did an unknowing kid make her way from her first dance class in a strip mall in Colorado to becoming a #1 hit recording artist with 5 consecutive hits worldwide? We are pleased to have the Number 1 UK hit "Fade Away" on rotation on Radio WHAT! We also have Sarah Atereth - Out Of My Mind (Valentin Radio Mix), and several mixes of Sarah Atereth - It Doesn't Take Much. Search the playlist under "S" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio WHAT at
How did an unknowing kid make her way from her first dance class in a strip mall in Colorado to becoming a #1 hit recording artist with 5 consecutive hits worldwide? Armed with only the joy and life's purpose she found in dance and music, Sarah set out to New York City on her determined path to figure out how to become her passion. Slammed with struggles and rejection along the way, Sarah continued to pursue her artistic vision and tear through the barriers to get her music out to the world. Sarah is blessed every day as people send her wonderful messages of how she inspires them.
Sarah Atereth is a multi talented artist and performer renowned for her unique writer’s voice and sultry vocal style. Sarah writes or co-writes every one of her songs. Her lyrics are at once profound and graceful with a keen intellect and elegant musicality. To see Sarah onstage is to see charisma in motion.
Featured_Artist_Sarah_Atereth.html Sarah was just named Music Week’s Future Face of 2012, one of only four artists in the entire world.

Her current single, “Without You,” recently hit #1 in the UK. This is Sarah’s 5th consecutive hit worldwide.

This Music Week, Billboard and DMC Chart queen’s latest slice of beautiful dance floor action roars into clubs and radio all over the world, as did like her previous hits, “It Doesn’t Take Much,” “Fade Away,” “Out Of My Mind” and “You Wouldn’t Know How”.

Sarah's single, "Fade Away," debuted at #1 on the UK charts, unseating Deep Dish’s remix of Stevie Nicks' "Dreams".

"Fade Away" was the #1 most played song on XM Satellite Radio's bpm station. With "Fade Away," Sarah became a Top 40 Mainstream charting recording artist as reported by Radio & Records. She again charted on CHR/Mainstream with her follow up single, “You Wouldn’t Know How”.

You Wouldn’t Know How” hit #3 on the DJ Times National Dance/Crossover Chart as it set the clubs and radio on fire.

Every single song Sarah has ever released has charted on Billboard or hit #1 on Music Week UK. Every single song Sarah has released to Top 40 radio has charted on CHR/Mainstream radio.

Remixed and supported by the biggest DJs in the world, such as Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Tracy Young and Tony Moran, writer Chris S. Witwer exclaims when listening to Sarah’s music, “You’ll find yourself wanting to spin and bop around the dance floor or across your own living room with the volume blasting on the stereo!”

Sarah was nominated twice for the prestigious Winter Music Conference IDMA award for Best Breakthrough artist. She has been featured on the cover of Radio & Records Magazine.

Sarah has worked with top musicians and producers including Bryan Adams, Rick Chertoff (Cyndi Lauper) and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith).

While completing her degree at Columbia University, Sarah immersed herself in New York City’s art scene. She studied voice with revered faculty of the Juilliard School and dance with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Masters.

Sarah has always stood her own ground. Sarah co-founded her own record label, Beguile Records as a vehicle to provide Sarah the opportunity to retain her artistic integrity.

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