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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - Robbie Bever - Search the playlist under "R" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio WHAT at I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, I have been playing country music for the last 24 years and I had taught myself to play. I was bought two guitars on my 12th birthday , And to this day I still write songs and play guitar and drums; When I was 14 years old I went to Nashville without my family, I tried time after time to reach my goals of playing on stage in front of lots of people or writing a song that sang on the radio. So now I'm back for another run at the big time,
Robbie Bever I'm 34 now and I have great songs that I have written, I am after the song writing mostly but I still think that if someone wanted to sing my songs I know my dreams would come true.
I had met Keith Whitley, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Mark Chestnut, and many many more in the late 80's. I had been a set in drummer for Mark Chestnut off and on for 2 1/2 years in the late 80's as well . Worked for seal productions ( Chuck Seals - Crazy arms ) in their studio as a vocalist and production. I have also done some demo work for a late and great Jack Patton song writer of goast riders in the sky.My new single Country That Way is now at # 29 on the CASHBOX COUNTRY CHARTS TOP 40 . With more to come .
My Mother Judy Welch was a singer in her younger days.

And my real Father Richard Bever was the same a very good guitar player and sang the blues and southern rock.

I am now ready and eager to give my best and all.
All of my friends and enemies alike told me time and time again "Your wasting your time here go to Nashville and get recorded and sign to a record label, your better than most and humbler that others, you got a chance".But I've heard those things before.
I have and old country stile with a real now days type feel for the people and music and I will be a great addition to country music.
Take a listen and you be the judge hope you like the music.
I will be hosting a music 4 vets tour this year we are trying to raise $300,000 for our vetrans watch for us to come through your town.
Thank You for your time
Yours truly:
Robbie Bever
your long time friend.

Robbie Bever



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