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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - Latin Nation

Latin Nation's Newest song 'Here & Now' and 'Saying Good Bye' Feat. Synthia Figueroa both songs are on his up coming album 'I'm Not Alone'. Latin Nation's Newest song "Here & Now" and "Saying Good Bye" Feat. Synthia Figueroa both songs are on his up coming album "I'm Not Alone".
Latin Nation, group made up of three brothers have been in the music business for over 13 years. These three brothers came together with a passion and desire to perform their music. They struggled to get a deal and make a name of themselves. Their first single "Nunca/Never" with the artistic name "Lanation" was released on Sept. 4th, 1996 on the compilation "The Alternative dance compilation 1st edition" on
Stylin free' Records. It was produced by Tommy Lyons Jr. and written by group member Alex Zuniga never thinking this would spark the beginning of their musical career. With their first single they rocked the charts and traveled many places including Peru. Soon the group would leave their label and disappeared from the music scene not to be seen for 3 years. During that time they were re-inventing themselves with the help of Artie Rodriguez who produced his 2nd single "No puedo mas/I can't go on" written by Alex & Luis Zuniga and decided to change their name to Latin Nation. Now with a new name, new song, and their new look they attacked the whole music scene all over again. The song was released January 17, 1999 on the compilation title "El Show de Freddy Lopez; Estilo Libre Vol.1" on E.L.I. Records. But not only they contributed their song, but Alex also contributed his talent, by writing and doing background vocals for the artist on the label, label mate Savier "Si Tu Te Vas". So now they have shown their hidden talent. On March 14, 00 they release another successful song title "Eres Mi Vida/Your my all" featuring Los Atrevidos. The song debuted on "Freestyle Mania Vol. 3 Old School meets New School" on Artistik Records. This song was produced by Willie Valentin, and Co-produced & written by Alex Zuniga. The song reached high standards having Latin Nation's Newest song 'Here & Now' and 'Saying Good Bye' Feat. Synthia Figueroa both songs are on his up coming album 'I'm Not Alone'.
radio play all over the country including hitting the top 4 on the radio show WESU 88.1 fm with host DJ Larry Vee and DJ Super Dave in New England, Connecticut. And on Dec. 11, 1999 their first show with their 3rd song at Club Chameleon in Lancaster, PA, they proved to be the one of the best and successful groups in the music business. Tragic fell upon the group on April 11, 2000, when one of the 3 brothers passed away leaving the Trio to a Duo. Luis Zuniga passed away at the age of 24 due to liver failure. Then on Oct. 1st, 2001 Yet again tragic fell again upon them Cesar Zuniga passed away at the age of 24 do to Pneumonia leaving the Duo to a Solo. Alex has worked hard in remembering his brothers by putting out an album title "Angels In The Sky" and doing a song named "Forever" Produced by Nathan of Flipzide not only did Nathan produced the track, he also lend his vocals along Savier & JL. Alex also had a successful song title "Charizma", which he dedicated to his lovely daughter. The song hit no...1 in Springfield, Ma on Club House Dance with Host: CPR, The Juice, & The Legend. Releasing a song title "Give Into Me" written by Nick Colon & produce by Pete Othman of DOS Records, which will be release on their upcoming compilation “The Next Level Phase 2”. Latin Nation is currently working on promoting his forth-coming album title "I'm Not Alone". His first song "Saying Good-bye" with the lovely voice of Synthia Figueroa has been on in many radio station and 2 compilations Bad Boy Joe Vol. 5 & Dance Artistik Style produced by non other Willie Valentin. His latest song "Here and now" was written and produced by Artie Rodriguez. This song has drawn special attention due to the song lyrics, which talks about telling someone you love them and appreciate them. Latin Nation has changed the scene of Freestyle with their music style and has gained the respect of fellow musicians in the industry. With his brothers gone, Alex Zuniga has not given up on making their dream come true.

And you can email Latin Nation at:
Or write to: PO Box 1529 Paterson, NJ 07509-1529
For booking please Contact:
East Coast: Janet Figueroa @ 917-520-5895
Latin America: Alex Ojeda @ 973-914-9493
West & Central Coast: Roger Garcia @ 210-875-5207



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