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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - Hilda Mariee - HILDA MARIEE (Formerly of TEAZ II PLEAZ) "Why Did You Have To Lie" re-release DESTUNE 09 OUT NOW! EXCLUSIVELY ON BEATPORT. com NEW FOR 2009. DESTUNE records wouldn't be DESTUNE records if it did not reflect aspects of the "REAL" Miami style of Latinhiphop/bass/ Freestyle Dance sound. For 2009, another classic is sprung from the DESTUNE vault.
Featured Artist - Hilda Mariee By the mid 80's, as Electrofunk records continued to mutate into several forms and continued to break off and infused itself within the lines of different genres (rap, R&B, Latin Hiphop/Freestyle Dance club music), a MIAMI BASS style was born and quickly dominated most of the foundations of musical styles in the region. Although "Booty Bass" and "Electro Bass" would be more recognized coming from Miami, it would be Miami's "Freestyle Bass" of dub records and melodic vocal dance and street anthems that would reflect the lives of the region's club and street generation, mostly CUBAN AMERICANS. Direct from Hialeah Miami comes HILDA MARIEE.
Originally Hilda Maria Laboris, a young Cuban American girl who started her singing and modeling career at a very young age. She began early by performing and winning several community talent shows and fund raisers. As a trained soprano vocalist, actress and songwriter, Hilda quickly sprung into the recording industry writing and co-producing over 30 songs; most who were also featured selections on her several albums and 12" releases. With her album and releases including the popular "Latin Beat', it would launch her career in the Miami Freestyle Dance and Spanish pop market by the age of 15. She
would quickly get radio airplay and interviews on several radio stations such as Radio Mambi, Radio Ritmo FM 95.7 (Now El Sol 95 ), University Of Miami's 90.5 FM and take part in national televised broadcast events, such as the League Against Cancer on Univision and the Calle Ocho Fest. By 1990 Hilda's career would have her open up for salsa legends as Oscar De Leon and share the stage with artist such as Barbara Alonso, then singer and novela actress Salma Hayek, Bertha Maria and have new up and comers like Shakirah (Now known as Shakira) open up for her. Her popularity would get her interviewed by top television journalist such as Blanquita Amaro to Bo Griffin of Hot 105 & Power 96 fame and the "Pulse Of Miami " television show. Then signed to Jorge Ojeda's DESTUNE/STREET BEAT records, she was part of the METRO MUSIC GROUP of artist and DJs. Jump forward a good 6 years , Hilda would find herself as the lead singer of the third batch of TEAZ II PLEAZ girls; a Cuban American girl trio known for the Hialeah Freestyle Bass Sound in the mid to late 80's. Hilda would take position in the group as lead singer, as did former lead singers Bamby and Mara in the past, and continued the legacy of the group with new material. In 1996 the Triphop/freestyle Vinyl of "Games of Love" feat Hilda would sell out of copies. The follow up track "Why Did You Have to Lie"; which was to be Hilda's break from the group was found on the CD album but never released as a single; as Vic Ten's TEN-LION records (then Housed and co-runned under DESTUNE) would close its doors forever.Despite the closing of the Ten Lion camp and temp stop phase of Destune production at that time, Teaz II Pleaz featuring Hilda Mariee "Games Of Love" & "Imagination" would reach radio in South Florida via 90.5 Dance FM, Power 96 FM Mix Show and radio and club play in the Texas and California markets. In time, there would even be some knock offs and imitations of the Teaz II Pleaz Group from regions as far as Texas.With a strong fan base and following, many were not amused as the original Teaz II Pleaz group was born in Hieleah a posed a Miami style and flavor. Hilda, however, continued to be active in the local Miami Scene over the years and still performs her re-recorded "I Want You", "I Know You Know" "I Was The One" and "Games of Love", her original House/dance release "Imagination" and has been featured at the Tai Shan Ball during Winter Music Conference/ Spring Break week, THROB Neo Freestyle weekly, FREEKSTYLE at the Laundry Bar and other indie and electro clubs in the present day; all while finishing school with her Masters degree in Education and gearing up for new Neo Freestyle, House, Electro and Dance/Pop material from DESTUNE records and also DJ/Producer GOR-D. In the meantime "Why Did You Have To Lie" is now available on Beatport. com and WILL BLOW OUT YOUR SPEAKERS (if your not careful) with its Miami Ghetto Hialeah meets Perrine BASS and standard wicked cut up vocal edits. Awesome classic construction that will blow your trunk or remind you when you shook that chunk in your tight yellow/lime green Edwin Jeans. The days of Miami low rider Bass blowin Monte Carlo and GT's,Rope and Figaro gold chains and name plates and 4" lifted highlighted bangs. Now at a time when everyone is trying to capture or duplicate a sound that is basic, retro, minimal, or straight up ghetto fab.............This is the original sound and Hilda Mariee the original artist. Freestyle lives!



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