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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - Erotic Exotic

Featured Artist - Erotic Exotic Originally the backing band for the Arista girl group "Expose" Miami based Erotic Exotic were at the forefront of the 80's dance movement known as Freestyle. Their signing to Atlantic Records heralded an unprecedented period in the post Disco era reviving the Dance music scene in America. Search the playlist under "E" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio WHAT at
Erotic Exotic stood apart from many of their peers in that they were a self contained band of actual musicians as opposed to the producer driven entities common during the period. Their tours in the U.S. and abroad always earned rave reviews and the band seemed destined for superstardom. Tragically the future of the band was sidetracked by the death of their lead singer Eric Tallman. Erotic Exotic was also the band for other local acts like Stevie B, and Technotronic in South America. The members of Erotic Exotic were instrumental in the launching of other freestyle acts such as Connie (Funky little Beat) as well as the first Latin freestyle group Los Sucios (Sucia Que Rica Son) produced by Erotic Exotic. Their hits are still played in strong rotation at various Top 40 radio stations, especially in Texas, California, Florida and New York. They were also sponsored by Pepsi when they performed in Chile. The newest members of Erotic Exotic are lead vocalist Julian Lara and Alyssa Z. on background vocals. Julian Lara is a recording artist, songwriter, and record producer. He’s a homegrown talent who has stood out in the music industry since the age of 19. Julian has worked with some of the industry’s pioneers including legendary DJ Phil “Big Money” Jones and Grammy nominated house and dance producer Giuseppe D. Julian’s eclectic musical background in hip-hop/house/dance and energy adds character and unique style to an already powerful line-up. Alyssa Z. is one of group’s most valuable assets and is affectionately known as the “Erotic Angel”, an elegant vocalist with a vixen kind of sex appeal that she owns like her voice. Alyssa began her career as a vocalist at an early age. At 18, while writing and recording original tracks she already felt that music was an important part of her life and knew that sooner or later she would become a performer. Her freestyle background, as well as her dance music roots, perfectly fit the concept of this project. Her passion and versatility will take the band into some new directions. Erotic Exotic’s magic lies in the perfect match between the band’s musical style and the newest injection of energy and prowess. This combination is the essence of the band’s instantly recognizable sound.

Featured Artist - Erotic Exotic



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