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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - Clear Touch

Featured Artist - Clear Touch


Born and raised in the Bronx, Clear Touch's success began in the 90's. With Freestyle hit's such as "Surrender Your Love" and "Fallen Angel" their self-titled album hit music charts across the country immediately upon releasing their 1st single. "Surrender" had topped the charts within only a weeks time.

On a different side of their artistic spectrum, Clear Touch, which consists of three Puerto Ricans, John Sanchez, KC Rodriguez and Angel Solis were contracted to do a movie called Living in Paradise. They then went on to perform live on HBO for the Andrew Golata Fight and also have performed live at Harlem's legendry Apollo theatre. They have also been contracted to perform the National Anthem for the Yankees, Knicks, Nets, and the NJ Red Dogs.

Clear Touch is back by popular demand and is ready, once again, to bring back their harmonic melodies which captivated Freestyle listeners of all ages!



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