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Radio WHAT - Featured Artist - Arlene of Leather And Lace - Peace is all she wanted. After a long and painful process in the recording industry, Arlene found her true happiness. This is just the beginning of the story for this talented performer. We are priviledged to have the songs "Let Your Body Go," "Band Of Gold (Carlos Berrios Radio Edit)" and " Band Of Gold (Giuseppe D Radio Remix)" - Released only in the UK. We also have Leather And Lace - "Tender Heart" as a bonus feature. Search the playlist under "A" and "L" click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio WHAT at


Peace is all she wanted. After a long and painful process in the recording industry, Arlene found her true happiness. In the beginning her happiness was based on people, places and things. When she hit bottom and found herself at the end of the road, her cry to GOD was heard. The Lord used special people in her life to help her leave the past behind. In 1985 Arlene formed the group Leather & Lace with the help of her then manager, Eddie Mercado .Her first record “Tender Heart”, is known today as a Freestyle Classic. As the lead singer of this group she had many other successful recordings. In 1988 she went solo and her hit “We Can Work It Out” was one of the first Freestyle records to hit not 1 but 2 radio stations in New York as top 10, when at that time only one station was playing Freestyle. She went on to record “Why You Wanna Hurt Me”, “Read between the Lines” as well as many other recording which reached the airwaves beyond New York. Since 1985 she is known as one of the pioneers who paved the way for music known today as “Freestyle Music”. She has opened and performed with top artists like Gloria Estefan, Jocelyn Brown, Tito Allen and many Freestyle Artists. She has work with producers such as Tommy Musto, Eddie Mercado , 20 Fingers ( JJ Flores and Charlie “ Babie” ) , David Sanchez ,Ralf Torres , Willie Ruiz ,Giuseppe D., & Carlos Berrios to name a few. Through her travel and work around the world she now come out of the main stream /secular, five years later into the Gospel as a singer/songwriter, she had established her publishing Company, He Allowed Music /BMI. Now a Christian since 1995, she has ministered in many churches in and out of New York. In 1997 she evolved into acting and toured for 3 years with the play, “Run Baby Run”, the life of Evangelist Nicky Cruz. She Attends Harvest Fields Community Church and works closely with Evangelistic Outreach. Arlene believes in using the Dramatic arts, Music and Dance as a tool to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a world in need of salvation, restoration, healing, reconciliation and deliverance. In January 2006 with the help of a friend she took on the role of writer and director of the play, “The Christmas Story” .She started her company, “He Allowed Works” and in 2006, 2007 and again 2008 with the help of a wonderful cast and crew, she once again presented Her play entitled, “Were U There”, Inspired by her real life. In September 2008 she relocated to Fort Lauderdale where she will continue pre- production of her Play. Arlene is also preparing a Band and is working on her new CD. Her new single, “Band of Gold” , is out on



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