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Here are a few of our strageic ways that you can advertise on Radio WHAT Radio:

  • Hourly sponsor - Your company will be announced as providing an hour's worth of Radio WHAT RADIO music. $50.00 per hour
  • Show/event sponsor - Sponsor a live show or a special LIVE event or broadcast on Radio WHAT. $100.00 per hour
  • Regular: :30, :60 Commercials - Have your spot (commercial) heard during a short spot break. Our spot breaks consist of just ONE advertiser with an ad up to 30 seconds in length. Since we only air a few spots per break, your business will have more exposure versus traditional radio spot breaks. $50.00 per week.
  • Side Banners - 200x200 Pixel Banner that appears throughout the website. $50.00 per Month.
  • Side Banners - 200x100 Pixel Banner that appears throughout the website. $30.00 per Month
  • E-Mail ads - Have your banner/creative placed in our weekly E-Mail to our listeners and opt-in mailing list. $50.00 per week.
  • Pop-up player - Have your banner ad placed within our pop-up player. This player is used by listeners who tune into Radio WHAT from our website. (Coming Soon)
  • Radio WHAT Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking - Radio WHAT can also place your banners and post event bulletins daily for even more mass marketing at NO EXTRACHARGE TO YOU!
  • We can offer many more advertising methods for your business. Please contact us by E-Mail at for more information and we will be happy to work with you to create an advertising package that works for you.

Give us a call to let us help you grow your business.

Available segments:
30 minutes segments
60 minutes segments

Available spots:
15 seconds
30 seconds
60 seconds
2 hour remotes subject to event*

*All programs and rates are subject to Station Mgr. approval.

Regarding advertising information and rates Contact our sales team.



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